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Should Colleges Pay Student-Athletes And How Should They Do It

The United States generates a huge amount of revenue from college sports. This revenue is in billions of dollars. Its simplest example is that there is an extension of almost 9 billion dollars of CBS with the NCAA. According to NCAA, they spend this revenue on such programs which provide benefits to the schools and member conferences. The college can easily pay student-athletes from this revenue. There are some people who say that the colleges should pay student-athletes and there are also some people who say that the colleges should not pay the student-athletes. Here, experts of cheap essay writing services will discuss the pros and cons of paying student-athletes.

Pros of paying student-athletes
The pros of paying student-athletes are given below;
It is an important way to encourage healthier student-athletes. With the help of this financial support from the college, they pay attention to healthier activities rather than finding an outside financial resource. This support can also …