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Contemporary Accounting Research

The process of keeping a record of all the financial records within an organization is known as accounting. The main areas of accounting are organizations, markets, and society. A peer-reviewed academic journal that covers research about all the main areas of accounting is known as contemporary accounting research. This important peer-reviewed academic journal was published by Wiley-Blackwell. If we take a review of the contemporary accounting research journal, then we come to know that it is listed in the first 45 journals that are helpful for the business-school in order to conduct accounting research. The impact factor of a contemporary accounting research journal is 1.564. If you don’t have enough idea about the contemporary accounting research, then you can get help from the expert writers of the academic writing services.
Canadian Accounting Research Association has a lot of contributions in order to provide enough knowledge to the researchers about the role of accounting within an organization, the market as well as in a society. Contemporary accounting research is considered as a premier research journal that publishes leading-edge journal articles in the Canadian Accounting Research Association. As a result, the scope of the CAR is increasing day by day. Moreover, CAR is publishing journals articles in its research area on the regular basis. This thing is helpful for them to create excellence in their field. They have published a lot of journal articles about accounting on the different topics like accounting technology, finance accounting, intermediate accounting, international accounting, managerial accounting, and much more.

Contemporary accounting research has been publishing different accounting articles about accounting since 1984. It also provides a form to the accounting community to publish the high-quality accounting articles. You can join this forum from all around the world and share your views with the accounting community. Moreover, you can also read out the best quality accounting articles of the different authors with the help of this important research forum. If you are writing an accounting academic paper, then this is also helpful. You can reuse the content of this important academic journal by getting permissions from their authors.

Contemporary accounting research is a team of expert writers and editors. The editor in chief of this academic journal is Michael Welker and Queen’s University. In the deputy editors in chiefs, there come Jeffery Pittman and Memorial University of Newfoundland. Moreover, there are a lot of consulting editors, editors, and editorial board members are attached to their team. They have kept some aims and scope of the articles that can get the permission for publication in this academic journal. According to them, they publish only those articles that are written after conducting leading research. These articles should also provide enough understanding to the readers about the role of accounting in the organizations, society, and markets.

The authors who want to publish their articles in this important academic journal should read out the guidelines and requirements for the submission of these articles. After reading out these guidelines, they should try to fulfil these guidelines and requirements. If you want to submit a new accounting article, then it should contain a title page, original manuscript, author declaration form, proof of payment, cover letter, research instrument, and a list of all the related research articles.

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