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How Microsoft Teams Is Supporting Mode of Online Learning?

Microsoft Teams for Online Learning
Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that is supporting mode of online learning by bringing conversations, content, assignments, and apps together in one place. It is helping educators to create vibrant learning environments and build collaborative classrooms. Microsoft teams are collaborating in remote learning by enabling educators to quickly connect with students, share files and websites, create an OneNote Class Notebook, assign tasks and grade them. Educators are organizing interactive lectures and providing effective and timely feedback because of the built-in OneNote Class Notebooks and end-to-end assignment management. Microsoft Teams have facilitated the educators to quickly transition to remote learning and connect to the community to share best practices. Below experts of assignment writing services have highlighted some ways in which Microsoft Teams is supporting mode of online learning.

Collaborative Classrooms:
Microsoft Teams built-in-meetings features allow you to effectively hold classroom meetings, share your views on virtual whiteboards, and share documents. Teams have emerged as an all-in-one hub for the collaborative classrooms by pulling together assignments, conversations, files, notes, and video calls all in one place. Microsoft Teams meetings facilitate the users with audio, video, content sharing, whiteboards and shared notes and support up to 250 concurrent attendees. These meeting can be recorded and saved for future use. You can transcribe these recordings if you need to find content that has been discussed in the meeting. Teams is still updating and improving its various features through the feedback provided by the educators.

Microsoft Teams has proved itself as a non-stigmatizing platform by ensuring that it facilitates the learners with varied abilities. In order to create an all-inclusive classroom, Teams is trying to help the learners by improving their technology with every passing day. The built-in capabilities like Immersive Reader, message translation, and Live Captions for meetings provide best experiences to learners of all kinds and skills.

Meaningful Feedback:
Efficient teaching practices are a vital part of remote learning. Built-in rubrics in Teams Assignments are providing help to teachers in transparent grading of assigned tasks. Teachers are able to provide more meaningful feedback to the students on their assignments with the help of Rubric grading. This feedback mechanism is not only helping the learners to improve their work, but it also guarantees a consistent and transparent way for teachers to grade. Rubric grading is becoming an incredibly popular feature in Teams Assignments that is admired by both teachers and the students.

Staff and Learning Communities:
Time management and organization are the keys to collaborating more effectively in Teams meetings. Microsoft Teams also facilitates its user with built-in Staff teams and Professional Learning Community (PLC) teams to go along with Class Teams. This has made it a one-stop solution for educators. Staff Teams and PLC teams offer easy communication and collaboration during remote learning. They help the educators and staff to provide the best learning experiences to the students by creating efficient collaborative class spaces. Educational institutes can easily share information and work together with Staff teams to take institute-wide initiatives including making announcements, settings up meetings and sharing content.

OneNote Class Notebooks:
OneNote is a multifaceted tool for note-taking that is built into Teams. It is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for a variety of tasks and lessons. OneNote Class Notebooks are a personal workspace for each of the students and a collaboration space for lessons and other creative activities. It is like a library where students can discover all types of information learned and discussed in the class. All sorts of interactive apps, lessons and contents can be merged into OneNote page. This digital notebook can provide help to students during remote learning where it can be difficult to work with paper notes and handouts.

Remote learning is a journey for all of us and during this time we have to create opportunities to tackle with new modes of learning. Educators are playing a vital role in this scenario. Their commitment and diligence in their work has no match. Microsoft Teams is supporting modes of online learning by supporting educators and learners with its variety of advanced features. Students and teachers can get most out of the Teams by tailoring its various features according to their needs. Teams has been successfully established that learning online can also be just as personal and engaging as learning in classroom. Students and teachers can stay connected and converse with each other. They can share their views through live meetings and voice their opinions on particular issues via advanced built-in features of Microsoft Teams.

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