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Teaching Productive Skills to Students at Secondary Level

Teaching Productive Skills
Productive skills are the ones that enable the learners to produce language in written or spoken form, that is speaking and writing. The importance of productive skills can be stressed more as these skills help people communicate better and enhance communication between people as well as societies. The presence of communication in social, political, and commercial contexts cannot be denied as with the advancement of information technology, the world has become a global market. And to cope up with the rapid changes that are taking place, learning productive skills is very important for students epically at the secondary level when they are smart enough to understand and work on them.

According to a dissertation writing service, while English has become the most commonly used language in almost every part of the world, many students still struggle to learn this language. Still, there are millions of students lagging to achieve comprehensive productive skills due to a lack of proper planning and monitoring. It is up to the teachers and educators to understand how they should come up with the right communicative methods that can develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills among students.

Writing is the productive skill in the written more and seems to be more complicated as it does not just involve a graphic representation of speech but also the development and presentation of thoughts in a structured manner. Speaking skills have been found to affect the success of students’ life as their presentation and proficiency can play a key role in their success. Students who can translate their thoughts and ideas into words can enjoy better success in academic and professional careers.

Significance Of Productive Skills For Students At The Secondary Level:

Productive skills are important because they help students do better in their academic as well as their professional life as they move forward. With the right productive skills, students can be given a chance to acquire the right speaking and writing abilities which will help them inform, convince or share ideas. The more the students produce appropriate and coherent language the more it will help them improve their skills and benefit them in their careers. Without learning productive skills, students cannot communicate on a basic level and will not be able to demonstrate their skills and talents.

Steps For Teaching Productive Skills To Students:

Ideally, teaching a productive skill procedure involves the following steps:
  • Providing model texts or samples such as comprehension and model analysis
  • Practice so that the students can work on these skills and learn how to perform the task
  • Setting the task so that they can understand what needs to be done and take the right steps
  • Planning for their tasks that is only possible when they know what the task is all about
  • Production for preparing for the task, whether spoke or written; they will have to go through the process of thinking, revising, drafting, and editing
  • The students will have to go through the step of seeking feedback so that they can check how well they have been doing; they can seek feedback from teachers or use a checklist to determine their performance

How Productive Skills Can Be Taught To Students At The Secondary Level:

Teaching productive skills to students at the secondary level includes the following steps:
  • Providing a model of the target so that they understand what needs to be done and how
  • Help students work on the model, focus on the meaning and form; the teachers will play a crucial role in helping students analyze what they are required to do so that they can discover by themselves its linguistics and formal features
  • The teachers will also assist students in isolating the different linguistic and formal features of the text they are working on and the will help learners focus on accuracy; the main idea behind this approach is to practice the form and use of language that will help them produce accurate messages without making mistakes and convincing others of their ideas
  • The teachers also help students use the target language satisfactorily by introducing them to tasks in which they have to personalize the language and come up with effective messages

The main aim behind teaching productive skills is to help learners produce appropriate and coherent messages either in spoken or written form. In this process, special attention is paid to the students’ ability to convey information, convince and share ideas and concepts without making mistakes or faltering. It would not be wrong to say the teaching productive skills to students is very important because they are basic life skills; unless the students know how to communicate, either verbally or in writing, they will not be able to connect with others on a deeper level.

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