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Top 5 Tools That Can Help You in Writing a Book

Writing a Book
Writing a book is not an easy task; you will need to work hard and focus and make use of technical assistance to do a good job. Whether you are a new writer or a pro, whether you are writing a short novel or a long book, you will need creative writing tools and apps to achieve your writing tools. Gone are the days when you just had one typewriter and sheet of paper; things have changed a lot and now computers, laptops, and a variety of tools help you do the job most creatively and efficiently.

To write a perfect book without any hindrances and finish your writing task according to your place, use the right tools to save time and produce quality content. These tools are easy to use, some of them are even free and enable you in writing a book. Listed here are the 5 tools shared by experts of dissertation writing services that can help you write a book most effectively.


It is a great tool for those who struggle to arrange and organize their thoughts and ideas and will help them fine-tune the drafts by putting together all the ideas, lengthy documents, and files in one place. No matter how big or small a book you are trying to write, Scrivener enables you to compose, outline and structure your ideas in words through its snapshots and dashboard features that offer great support. Not only this but you can also backup your work in Zip files so that you will never lose your efforts due to sudden power cuts or any other disruptions.

You can get Scrivener free for 30 days and if you wish to continue with this tool, you can purchase it too. It is one of the highly recommended tools for writers for its efficient features like virtual cock-board, color-coding, manuscript compiling, etc.


What makes Evernote so useful and appealing is its sharing feature which enables you to collaborate with other writers and get new ideas for your books. The simple note-taking tools help to create notes for your ideas the moment they enter your mind. It also enables you to access notes where you go and you can continue with the thought process even without your laptop or computer. You can sketch the images, scan documents, write faster and easier than before. This tool is available for writers with three plans-basic, plus, and premium and can be downloaded and purchased for easy usage.


This tool makes it easy for you to write a book in an easy and fun way as it boosts your creativity and write more by encouraging you to write 750 words or more per day for which you will get points. It helps you compare your writing score with other writers so that you can work on your writing skill, become more competitive and keep on with the good work. This online writing tool is available for free online and anyone can start with their book by just logging on to its website. It has been rated highly for keeping writers motivated and rewarding them for completing the daily tasks or number of words per day and you do not have to feed your entries every time you log in as it stores your work.

Pro Writing Aid:

As a writer, your main aim should be enhancing the readability of your book and you can do this right with help of Pro Writing Aid. It helps to identify the errors in your writing and offers suggestions for improvement with a dictionary, quotes, word clouds, etc., for the writer’s benefit. You can get this tool by registering on the website which is free of cost and you can also download the free trial option for 14 days and purchase the premium version later on. This tool is popular among technical as well as new writers and helps them avoid major errors, enabling them to work without any hindrances with its advanced features and easy-to-use versions.

Readability Score:

As a writer, you want to increase the readability of your book and attract more readers and you can do this well with Readability Score. This tool gives scores from 0 to 100 about the readability of your content and you can determine how easy or simple your content is for readers and make changes accordingly. This tool helps writers produce better content and write interesting books, provide quality information, and are easy to read too. This tool can be obtained by registering at its website and paying a monthly or yearly fee, according to your need or usage.

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